When infants with hearing loss receive timely and appropriate diagnostic and intervention services, they have positive speech, language and listening outcomes. Ideally, the newborn screening is completed before a baby is 1 month of age. If a baby does not pass the newborn screening, the next step is a diagnostic audiologic evaluation. The initial diagnostic tests must be completed as soon as possible so that any potential hearing loss can be diagnosed before 3 months of age. A baby identified with a hearing loss should be fit with hearing aids (if appropriate) and enrolled in an early intervention program well before 6 months of age.

The audiologist performs a series of assessments to determine if a hearing loss exists, and, if so, the type (part of the auditory system affected), degree (how much hearing loss exists) and configuration (frequencies or pitches that are affected) of the loss.

Infant/Newborn Hearing Assessments Include: